Tigerlash Bespoke

The time has come that Tigerlash offers the opportunity for you, my customers, to have a customised service. This service is IDEAL If you do not fit within the standard sizing and possess an apple/pear/triangle/rectangular body shape.


If you're someone who just likes to have clothes that fit perfectly and enjoy that tailored feeling.

Tigerlash Bespoke offers you the chance to have your complete Block Library drafted. The block library includes: 

  • Bodice: Front & Back
  • Sleeve
  • Skirt: Front & Back
  • Pant: Front & Back

So, why Tigerlash Bespoke: 

  • Custom fit pieces from any Current and Previous Tigerlash collection. 
  • Custom blocks for you and your body, that you can keep or leave with me for when you purchase a Tigerlash piece. 
  • If you like a piece, but don't like the colour/fabric, and wish to BYO fabric, YOU CAN! And, you will receive a 15% Discount!

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