Tigerlash Bespoke

Regular price $290.00

The time has come that Tigerlash offers the opportunity for you, my customers, to have a customised service. This service is IDEAL If you prefer a more tailored, personalised fit to feel Fierce, Fearless, & Feminine.


If you're someone who just likes to have clothes that fit perfectly and enjoy that tailored feeling.

What's Included

  • Your complete Block Library, which you can keep or leave with me to use when you purchase a Tigerlash piece/s:  
    • Bodice: Front & Back
    • Sleeve
    • Skirt: Front & Back
    • Pant: Front & Back
  • Initial 1hr Consultation to take your measurements
  • 3x 1.25hr Fittings to ensure we get your perfect fit
  • HUGE DISCOUNT on your first order of Custom Fit Tigerlash Pieces
  • 3 monthly check in to ensure your size/fit is still current. If not, don't worry I will make small adjustments to accommodate.

Important Things To Know

  • Your blocks will be kept secure with me in my studio for a maximum of THREE (3) MONTHS. I will contact when coming up to the three month mark, if you then wish to have them, you can. Otherwise, they will be disposed of and you will need to pay the original fee again to have them drafted. 
  • If you wish to order a Bespoke piece that is designed in collaboration with me, additional costs will apply. Please contact me should you want to pursue this option. NB: I WILL NOT under any circumstance directly rip off another Designer. This goes against Copy Right Law, and every ounce of my being!